Hiring Challenges in Logistics


The challenge

There is a fierce battle going on for talent. Both large and small organizations are competing for procurement and logistics talent. However, with such competition, the time to hire is increasing for critical roles. As you know, the longer a critical role is open the more it cost an organization in terms of lost productivity, burnout and revenue generation. Logistics recruitment is a top priority for many organizations.

Procurement and Logistics recruitment is fierce

Firstly, the cold hard truth is that your competitors are trying to steal your talent. Secondly, procurement and Logistics professionals receive numerous calls, emails and LinkedIn messages from recruiters on a daily basis. Many organizations are offering better pay, benefits and the option for remote work.

Risk mitigation

You may be wondering what you can do to prevent your logistics and procurement talent from leaving your organization. Ensure that there is upward mobility for them in the organization. If you don’t have succession planning in place, be sure to add that to your list of organizational goals for the year. Many professional leave for upward mobility. In the majority of the cases, money is not the primary motivating factor. Also, when you are recruiting and hiring, time is of the essence. Make sure you are giving candidates timely feedback and making the interview process as efficient as possible.

Thinking outside of the box

Most driven logistics and procurement professionals crave a challenge. Be sure that they are being offered new and exciting projects to work on. For more junior professionals, be sure to partner them up with a mentor to help them with their career. It also helps if the less seasoned professionals can get exposure to senior management. This does nothing but help their career in the long term. Also, if you’re able to, think about allowing your supply chain team to work either remotely or in a hybrid environment. If Covid-19 has taught us nothing else it’s that people want and desire flexibility in the workplace! Be sure to add that to your procurement and logistics recruitment strategy.

The Great Resignation 2022

Another great resource on this topic is an article written the folks over at SHRM The Great Resignation 2022.

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