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Complexity Of Global Logistics

Logistics Recruiters can help you and your business. Global logistics is more complex today than ever before. The global pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains like never before. As a result, global shipping costs have skyrocketed for manufacturers in all verticals and markets. There are challenges with getting finished goods and raw materials from the ports to warehouses in the hands of the end customer.

As fuel prices fluctuate, domestic transportation and capacity are becoming more and more scarce. For manufacturers and companies of all sizes, there has never been a more critical time in history to ensure that your global and domestic logistics operations are operating a peak performance.


Conquering Logistics Challenges

In order to conquer these logistical challenges, it’s imperative that organizations have highly capable logistics staff (managers, directors, vice presidents) that are experienced, dynamic, and possess the soft skills needed to control logistics costs and optimize the logistics network. This is where a highly seasoned logistics recruiter can come into play. As you know, an experienced logistics professional can add tremendous value to an organization by analyzing, optimizing, and controlling logistics costs for both international and domestic freight. A logistics recruiter can help you located your ideal candidate!

Without these logistics professionals on your staff, you risk impacting your bottom line and revenue by letting your logistics cost run wild. These professionals can negotiate logistics contracts, navigate the challenging sea of Customs, and deal with freight forwarders thereby allowing other members of your organization to focus on their core competencies.

Supply Chain Talent Advisors

Transportation costs can be up to 12% of total revenue for most U.S. businesses. The proper logistics team can help to drive down that cost. Successful organizations understand the importance of hiring and retaining the best and bright logistics professionals in this challenging market. Logistics professionals are highly sought after in the market.

Supply Chain Talent Advisors has a deep network of experienced logistics professionals that would add immediate value to your organization. We have been recruiting logistics professionals for a number of years. We are Logistics Recruiters that truly partner with you  in your search. The cost of an open logistics professional position on your staff is costing you more than you think. We have successfully filled roles such as Logistics Manager, Director of Logistics, and VP of Logistics. Let us help!