Manufacturing Recruiters

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Manufacturing Recruiters

Manufacturing professionals have a unique skill set and background. In today’s economy, they are also very highly sought after. This is why you need a seasoned and experienced Manufacturing Recruiter to help you locate your ideal candidate. Operations  professionals are the hidden key to success for many organizations. They can drive down supplier costs, manufacturing costs, improve sales and operations planning accuracy and increase efficiency.

Within manufacturing organizations, these roles are also highly important and consist of Manufacturing Managers, Supply Chain Quality Engineers, Continuous Improvement Engineers, Six Sigma Black Belts, Supply Chain Analyst, and Production Planners. With so many working parts of a supply chain, it’s imperative that the process is working in synchronization to meet customer demands. If a position is vacant, the operations or manufacturing process can slow down or become less efficient.


Filling High Demand Roles

Filling an open role on your team is vital to your bottom line. With Operations and Manufacturing roles being in high demand, a vacant position on your team can not only cost your money it can also affect the morale of the other employees.

Partnering with a manufacturing recruiting firm that focuses solely on the Operations and Manufacturing space is a recipe for success. In addition, we are also former supply chain and manufacturing professionals that understand what you’re going through. We understand dynamic and shifting customer priorities and how important a high-caliber operations professional is to your organization.

Supply Chain Talent Advisors

If you choose to partner with Supply Chain Talent Advisors, we will take the time to understand your culture, needs of the position, requirements, reporting structure and then quickly go to work for you to locate your ideal candidate. As part of our process, we thoroughly screen candidates and only send you candidates that meet or exceed the requirements of your role. We do not sling resumes over the wall hoping something will stick. Our hope and desire are that we can be your “go-to” source when you have an open supply chain or manufacturing role by first proving the value that we can add to your organization.

We have successfully filled the following supply chain and manufacturing roles: VP of Supply Chain, Director of Supply Chain, Supply Chain Manager, Inventory Manager, S&OP Manager, Materials Manager, Buyer, Quality Engineer, and Manufacturing Manager.