Aerospace Pain Points

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The issues

I’m witnessing numerous supply chain companies merging together to form even larger and more dynamic conglomerates. Couples that come to mind are Harris and L-3 and Raytheon and UTC. There are many financial advantages to these mergers. However, this also creates pain for the companies especially as they battle for supply chain talent.

They now have to figure out how to purge and/or merge multiple MRP systems in order to keep their supply chain afloat and ensure financials are tracked.

Supply Chain woes

Speaking of the supply chain, it becomes even more complex with more data, products, people, suppliers and touches. Supply chain visibility must remain intact and additional insight must occur within in supply and demand planning, inventory, capacity issues, and supplier risk.

With regard to products and technology, you now have multiple engineering groups that directly impact the supply chain. They must keep Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) at the forefront of their minds.

Culture changes

Lastly, there is a culture shift! People are impacted both positively and negatively.

As business needs become more dynamic, there will be supply chain talent gaps that need to be addressed. Succession planning must be in place for the companies to be successful as the high performers are elevated and the underperformers are “purged” from the organization.

What can you do?

You may be thinking, “What if I’m a smaller aerospace company and this doesn’t impact me?” Here’s a thought for you. You’re now competing against an even larger behemoth so you better ensure your supply chain and operations talent is in place and firing on 8 cylinders if you either want to compete against or even partner with the larger aerospace companies.

Partnering with a good supply chain recruiting firm can help you increase your chances of success!

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