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Supply Chain Talent Advisors

We are supply chain recruiters and executive recruiting gurus.

Our Promise to You!

We are a small business by design. There is no bait/switch.

From the point of first contact to the intake call, candidate sourcing, candidate presentation and closing the candidate, you’ll work with the same person.

This isn’t a hobby. This is our business so I GUARANTEE you that NO ONE will work harder to successfully fill your open position. 


Supply Chain Recruiters can add tremendous value to an organization. Executive recruiters are in the business of networking and as a result, they are highly connected to professionals in the fields of supply chain, logistics and procurement.

Supply Chain Talent Advisors are not only an executive search firm but we are former supply chain management professionals. We have been in your shoes before and understand the complexities and importance of finding the RIGHT talent for your open role. We understand that an open position cost money and lessons the efficiency of a team. Supply Chain Talent Advisors are here to serve you and find top talent for your organization!

We can you help you with your hiring foundation by recommending  these 14 Strategies to Help Companies Improve Their Recruiting and Hiring Procedures.

From there, we can do a deep dive and develop a robust talent acquisition strategy tailored around your supply chain, operations and manufacturing needs.


Best Practices

Our team understands that there is much more to filling a supply chain role than just posting a position. We take efficient supply chain recruitment to heart. At Supply Chain Talent Advisors, we take time to understand your culture, products,  business, structure, industry and then the position. We tailor each search to the needs of your team and business. We create a desired candidate profile and then we target passive candidates that are in similar industries and ones that work for your competitors that meet and exceed the needs of  your  business. Supply Chain Talent Advisors is a top supply chain executive recruiting firm that has a passion for customer service and a servant attitude!

Supply Chain Talent Advisors

If you choose to partner with Supply Chain Talent Advisors, we do not use the “post and pray” method for posting jobs. In fact, we rarely post jobs. Instead, we target passive candidates based on your needs. For candidates that appear to fit the needs of the role (education, experience, industry, technical skills, soft skills, ect), we then spend an hour with them doing a thorough phone screen. On that phone screen with the candidate, we make sure we understand salary needs, motivations, education and experience. We asked detailed behavioral and experience based interview questions using the STAR interview technique.  We then submit the candidate’s resume and detailed phone screen responses directly to the hiring/HR manager for review.