Career Services for Supply Chain and Operations Professionals

Questions: Email me at [email protected]

Just remember the old saying:

“There’s no such thing as good pair of cheap boots”.

There are indeed cheaper services out there. However, keep in mind that we are supply chain recruiters that are former leaders from industry. We look at and review your resume and LinkedIn profile though both the lens of a supply chain professional (former hiring managers) and supply chain recruiter.

We assist supply chain and operations  job seekers by helping them develop a well crafted supply chain resume and LinkedIn profile.

Sure, you could go hire a $200 general resume writer. However, they have zero idea what a supply chain or manufacturing professional does nor do they understand the metrics/KPIs and “wow factors” that need to be in a resume to grab the attention of a hiring manager. WE DO!

I’m a former Director of Supply Chain/Operations from industry turned Supply Chain Headhunter.  Who else is better equipped to help you with your career? I’ve literally reviewed 1000’s of operations and supply chain resumes.

A good supply chain resume will increase your chances of getting an interview. A poor one will sink you! We’ve read 1000’s of supply chain resumes over the years and can help you improve yours.

We offer a number of career services to assist job seekers. Although we’d love to help all job seekers, we are best suited to assist supply chain, operations and manufacturing professionals. We are former supply chain/ops professionals that have been recruiting in the space for several years. When it comes to a LinkedIn profile or resume, we know what recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers are looking for.

We offer:

  • Interview Coaching
  • Resume Review
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Resume review AND edit

Interview Coaching – Let’s face it. Interviewing is not fun. We’ll spend 30 minutes with you via phone walking you through how to handle those tough interview questions like “Why are you looking for a new role?” and “What is your salary expectation?” We can also help you keep from talking yourself out of a job by talking too much (or little).

If you choose this option, please email me at [email protected] after you pay the fee so we can set up a time.

Supply Chain Resume Review – We will review your resume. We will review it through the eyes of a recruiter/talent acquisition professional. We will provide you with feedback highlighting issues of concern and recommended changes. You will also be provided with a resume template that you can use if you choose to.

LinkedIn Profile Review – We will review your LinkedIn profile through the eyes of a recruiter. This detailed review will provide you feedback of what you’re doing right and wrong. We will make recommendations on the best approach to fix issues and how to make your profile more “findable and pleasant” to head hunters.

Resume Edit – In addition to the resume review above, we’ll address and fix any issues we find. We can correct red flags and make improvements such as format, flow, grammar and presentation. A GREAT supply chain resume will get you past the gatekeeper (HR) and into the hands of the hiring manager. That is your goal!

Note on Resume Edit – If you are going to choose this service, please email me first before purchasing to ensure that I have the bandwidth to take you on and serve you well. I may ask for a copy of your resume for a quick review BEFORE I agree to take you on as a client.

After purchasing a resume review or edit, please email the resume in Word or PDF to: [email protected]

After purchasing a LinkedIn Profile review, please email the profile link to: [email protected]

If additional information is needed (i.e. duties, skills, wins, successes, ect), that will be requested and will need to be emailed to the same address.

For resume edit, we will not create one from scratch. We must have a copy of your existing resume to work with. 

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