Need a headhunter but you’re also on a tight budget yet you need results quick?

If so, read below to learn about our On Demand options.

We are a small business so that means you only deal with ONE person from start to finish. We’re experienced, love what we do and are here to serve you!

We recently helped a client that was a start up and had a constrained budget. For a fee of $5,000 for 20 hours of our time, we provided them with talent sourcing and initial candidate interviews. 

Your rules, our expertise. Here’s how we can work together:

  • Talent Sourcing: This would be the initial identification of passive candidates and getting them interested in your role. Passive candidates are those that are already gainfully employed and happy in their existing roles.
  • Initial Candidate Interviews: We provide resumes and screening notes for candidates that we believe fit your open position.
  • Talent Mapping and Market Research: We can provide an overview of the talent landscape for a specific role or within a certain industry, helping the client understand where potential candidates might be found.
  • Job Description Development: We can work with you to develop or refine job descriptions that accurately represent the role and are attractive to potential candidates.
  • Interview Coaching: We can help you develop interview questions around your open position that will allow you to thoroughly vet the candidate’s skillset (technical and soft skills).

You tell us what you need and we’ll customize an affordable solution around your business goals and deliver results with FULL TRANSPARENCY. For each position worked on, we’ll provide you with a link to access that position via our Applicant Tracking System. This allows you to see ALL candidates in the pipeline, detailed notes and screening information. You see what we see. You also own the candidates. If you hire one now, later or for another position, they are YOURS under this model. No surprise fee from us. 

Considering a conventional recruitment agency or headhunter? Our revolutionary approach might make you reconsider.

We’re redefining the industry standard with our innovative pricing models, creating bespoke solutions that deliver outstanding results for clients and candidates alike.

Turn to us for assistance with your manufacturing and operations roles, including supply chain, logistics, finance, marketing, quality, manufacturing, and engineering.

Connect with us for a conversation about how our flexible pricing models can serve your needs. We’re eager to understand your company, culture, and vision so that we can design a pricing proposal that’s specifically aligned with your needs. This customized approach sets us apart – we offer more than a standard recruitment agreement; we offer a 100% personalized solution.

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