Tired of the outdated song/dance that traditional recruiting agencies give you when it comes to pricing and service?

If so, read below to learn about our “Recruiter on Demand” Service!

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We’re tossing the outdated agency recruiting pricing model out with the garbage where it belongs! Read below to quickly learn the why/what we’re doing to better assist clients in 2023 and on.

We believe in a client centered and custom solution tailored to the client and hiring manager’s needs.

If you’re using a traditional recruiting agency/ headhunter, you may want to fire them after reading and thinking about this.

The business landscape is evolving, with digital transformation and remote work becoming increasingly prevalent. Traditional recruiting agency pricing models and strategies struggle to keep up. Here’s why they’re losing relevance:

1️⃣ One-Size-Fits-All Pricing
Conventional commission-based pricing doesn’t cater to modern organizations’ diverse needs. Today’s businesses prefer flexible, value-based pricing models that align with their unique requirements.

2️⃣ Reactive Talent Acquisition
Traditional agencies often focus on filling vacancies reactively, leading to rushed decisions and subpar talent matches. A proactive approach, leveraging data and predictive analytics, is crucial for a more strategic and efficient recruitment process.

3️⃣ Limited Sourcing Channels
Traditional reliance on job boards, career fairs, and referrals is no longer sufficient. Modern recruiters need innovative sourcing methods like AI, machine learning, and online communities to attract top talent.

4️⃣ Lack of Personalization
Classic recruitment is often transactional and impersonal. Today’s candidates expect a personalized, engaging experience. Modern strategies prioritize building genuine relationships and understanding each candidate’s unique skill set, goals, and motivations.

5️⃣ Inadequate Employer Branding
Traditional agencies often overlook the importance of employer branding. However, a strong employer brand is essential for standing out in a competitive talent market. Modern recruitment strategies emphasize showcasing company culture, values, and growth opportunities.

It’s time for businesses to reconsider their reliance on traditional recruitment agency pricing models and strategies. Embracing flexible, proactive, and personalized approaches can help attract, engage, and retain top talent in today’s global market.


“Recruiter on Demand” Service!


Here’s how we’re better helping clients. Most firms charge 20% – 35% of a placed candidates first year base salary and it’s payable in net 30. On the flip side, the 10% firms provide terrible service. We offer something better.

In addition to our traditional pricing structures (contingent, engaged, retained), we also offer a “recruiter on demand” service. It’s $X (flexible based on situation)  amount per month per position until we fill the position. We fill most in 60 days or less. This option is far cheaper that the traditional method. This method is good for organizations that have a myriad of hiring needs but don’t want to pay huge agency fees or hire an internal recruiter and have to lay them off when hiring slows down. It’s also great for smaller companies that are budget conscious but HR doesn’t have the bandwidth to recruit passive candidates. 

Example: We recently had a client have us work on 3 roles with this on demand model. We charged the client $5K per role per month and it took about 2 months to fill each role.

That is $15K per month which means the client paid us $30K in total for the roles.

If the client would have used a traditional agency that charged them 20% of the candidate’s first year salary, the outlay of cash would have been $70K for those same 3 roles. This means the client saved $40K! 

For one client, we offered them 20 hours of sourcing/recruiting on a position for $5000. This yielded the client 2 solid candidates. They wound up hiring one of them and owed us nothing beyond the $5K. 

There is full transparency in this process. For each position worked on, we’ll provide you with a link to access that position via our Applicant Tracking System. This allows you to see ALL candidates in the pipeline, detailed notes and screening information. You see what we see.

Supply Chain Talent Advisors is throwing out old, traditional pricing models and paving the way for solutions that are tailored to each client. The results have been fantastic for both clients and candidates!

We can help you with all of your manufacturing and operations roles (supply chain, logistics, finance, marketing, quality, manufacturing, engineering).

Email or Call Us to set up a chat to learn if our any of our pricing models would fit your needs!

We’d be happy to learn more about your company, culture and vision so we can create a pricing proposal tailored around your needs. That’s another way we’re changing the game. We don’t just sling a standard recruiting agreement over the fence. It’s 100% customized for you.

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