Insulating Against Layoffs


Layoffs are now mainstream news

The news is full of stories of large and small companies reducing their headcount and layoffs. Many employees are posting on LinkedIn about their experience and now find themselves looking for a new role. In the past few weeks, companies such as Netflix, Carvana and Electronic Arts have made announcements about layoffs. With inflation at an all time high, this is most likely the beginning of an unfortunate trend.

Layoffs -Don’t wait – The Resume

The worse thing that you can do is wait until you receive your pink-slip or layoff notice before taking action. Now is the time to beef up your resume. Make sure your resume demonstrates actuals results you achieved in your role and doesn’t read like a job descriptions. Employers want to see where you increased revenue by 32% or led a project resulting in $200K savings. Don’t be afraid to showcase your experience, successes and contributions.

Don’t wait – Networking

Start networking before you have a need to. While you’re currently employed is the time to built your professional network. LinkedIn is a great resource for networking. Begin connecting with professionals in your industry. Make sure you’re connecting with hiring managers in your field as well. Also, don’t forget about those recruiters. You need to connect with recruiters in your field so they know who you are and vice versa. Recruiters often work on roles that aren’t posted anywhere so it pays to be on their “radar”. Also consider joining professional organizations in your field of expertise and attending events on a regular basis. This can give you exposure to hiring leaders and managers as well.

Linkedin Profile

I would venture to say that an optimized LinkedIn profile is more valuable than an up to date resume. Most recruiters use LinkedIn heavily when looking to identify talent for an open role. Make sure that you clearly articulate your background in the About section on Linkedin. This is the place to tell your story and your successes. For your experience, make sure that you clearly identify the companies that you’ve worked for along with the job titles. The most important piece of information you need to add is the “what” for each job title. Make sure that you include a clear idea of what you did in each role and notate successes. This alone can make all the difference if a recruiter contacts you or someone else!

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