Supply Chain Director (S&OP Guru) Candidate

  • Candidate has spent 20+ years in manufacturing (consumer hard goods)
  • NOT a job hopper – Been with same company for 10+ years
  • Builder of Teams – 8 direct report managers and 50 indirect
  • Deep knowledge of the end to end supply chain
  • Expertise in Sales and Operations Planning
  • Established S&OP process for current company
  • Achieved a 30% reduction in overstock levels which equated to $10.5M in annual savings
  • Implemented cutting edge demand planning process and forecasting model which led to a 25% decrease in stockouts and backorders
  • Elevated fill rates to 98%
  • Designed new distribution network/capacity model to include establishing 3 new distribution centers
  • Reduced freight cost by $3M while maintaining service levels
  • Tactical (roll up sleeves/hands on) and Strategic (visionary, long term)
  • Began on the “ground floor”  as a supply chain planner and was promoted every 3-4 years
  • Candidate would like to stay in Texas but would entertain opportunities elsewhere. Culture and growth is more important to him.
  • MBA and a Masters in Industrial Engineering
  • Coupa/Llamasoft Supply Chain expert

This candidate is considering a change as his current organization will be moving their manufacturing offshore.

Would you be open to chatting with this candidate for your team?

Office: (256) 497-1212

Email: [email protected]