4 Poor Recruiting Practices


Poor Recruiting Practices

There are many organizations out there that have terrible recruiting practices. Oftentimes, they don’t even realize it. As a result, they are losing potential candidates and developing a poor reputation in their community.

Real world example

I spoke to a potential client last week. The end result was me walking away from the opportunity to assist them with 3 positions after I told them how broken their process was. Below are some of their errors:

1. They are using 4 recruiting firms on the SAME searches and wanted me to be the 5th. If you need 4 recruiting firms to find a candidate, then either your process sucks or you are using the wrong recruiting firm. This means the recruiters are all calling on the SAME pool of candidates making them look crazy and your company appear unorganized.

2. Everything went through HR and they didn’t want me chatting with the hiring manager. I’m okay with process but that’s a deal breaker for me. I need to at least have 1 conversation with a hiring manager so I can truly understand what they are looking for (skillsets, technical background, soft skills, industry, salary, ect).

3. They advertised a Director level role as remote, made an offer to a candidate and THEN decided he needed to be onsite and relocate to their state. The candidate obviously walked away. Um, red flags here!

4. They had another role where the budget went up to $85K. They had a candidate that needed $80K and were ready to make an offer. CFO said, “Nope. This one can really go up to only $65K”. So, they lost the candidate. Shouldn’t budget be clearly defined BEFORE looking for candidates?

Morale of the story

The morale of the story here. Hiring managers/HR – Have budgets defined, have a clear process, allow recruiters to speak with hiring managers, align yourself with ONE recruiting firm that specializes in the position you’re trying to fill and make sure position location is defined upfront.

Candidates – All of these are red flags! When interviewing, do your best to ensure your salary needs are communicated upfront. Also, triple verify if the position is onsite, remote or hybrid. If 3 different recruiting firms contact you about the same position at a company, RUN.AWAY.QUICKLY. There are some GREAT companies out there. However, there are some companies that my wife just defines as a “hot mess” and this one is a prime example.

In addition, according to Forbes there are some additional recruiting practices that need to be avoided which are located at Forbes – 5 Bad Recruiting Practices. 

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