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Hire a Niche Recruiting Specialist – Supply Chain Recruiting

HR and Supply Chain Leaders – If you have a critical supply chain hiring need on your team, please stop using 3rd party “generalist” headhunters. Instead, consider using a 3rd party recruiting firm that specializes in supply chain recruiting. It’ll save you time, headaches, frustration and the cost of a bad hire. A good recruiter can also help an organization to navigate the needs of today’s employee. According to this article, Supply Chain Talent wants transparency and flexibility.

Save Money When Hiring

The cost of an open position can be staggering in terms of direct cost, lost revenue and even employee morale. A bad hire is even worse. The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 34% of CFOs said that not only do bad hires cost them productivity, but managers also have to spend 17% of their time supervising poorly-performing employees. The result can be lost customers, lost productivity, damaged customer reputation, damaged reputation with clients and decreased teamwork and wasted training time/dollars.

Eliminate Frustration

I recently had a call with a potential client that was extremely upset. They have been trying to fill a Director of Supply Chain role for months and were using a 3rd party “generalist” recruiting firm. The candidates submitted were not even close to meeting their needs. In this case, use a specialist. Even if they choose another supply chain recruiting firm, I told the hiring manager their needs would be better served!

Look outside your internal talent acquisition team

Oftentimes, companies have an internal talent acquisition team and they do a fantastic job. As an external/3rd party recruiter, NEVER make the assumption that an internal/corporate recruiter NEEDS the services of an outside recruiter. However, there are times when their bandwidth is maxed out or they may be working on special projects. Third party niche recruiters can come in to help augment those recruiting efforts by taking on critical specialized roles, or load balancing key requisitions during busy times. There are also times when a role is very unique or niche so it is usually a better option to have a 3rd party recruiter/partner work on this type of role. The recruiter with the specialization already has a deep network and can tap into that network rather quickly. The result is that the recruiter can find the perfect candidate that aligns nicely to the needs of the hiring manager. In addition, a professional head hunter can help you with a strategy to locate the perfect candidate.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”
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